About me

My name is Leanne and I work as an integrative counsellor, using different counselling styles such as;

Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), Person Centred, Solution Focused Therapy and Psychodynamic counselling.

I have worked with clients who are experiencing a variety of mental health issues, challenges and difficulties in their lives. People of different ages, from different backgrounds, ethnicities and social classes. Each person is unique, therefore it is important to establish a way of working that is suitable for each individual client.

I have experience helping clients work through the following issues:



Panic Attacks


Relationship issues

Eating Disorders

Sugar addiction 




Personality Disorders

Our first session would be an assessment session, in order for you and I to ensure that we can work together. We shall also get a good idea of what we will be working towards.

You will be entering into an environment where a trusting relationship is established within a confidential space. 

Support in a safe atmosphere, with encouragement and compassion, in order for you to feel comfortable enough to explore your own thoughts, feelings and concerns.

Counselling is a collaborative process, so we would work together, to address your own thought patterns and behaviour in order to find a way of moving forward which feels right for you.



Whatever it is you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you make sense of what you are going through, giving support through difficult times


Working towards a better future

Most people do not regret the things they do, rather the things that do not do. Making the decision to come to therapy is a brave one. It is a big move towards making positive steps in your life. With therapy you don’t have to go it alone. Moving closer towards a peaceful and balanced life

We live in seasons

Just as we experience seasons through the year, we also experience seasons of life. Sometimes it may feel like it's been winter for a long time. Through these seasons, sometimes we require a little help to see that this season will not last forever and accept support to help us weather the storms of life


When life feels too much

Sometimes our lives can become overwhelming. We may need to take some time to deal with change, past trauma, relationship struggles or maybe we are just not feeling ourselves and we don’t know why. Through these times we need to take some time to process. Counselling can offer practical ways to help you cope when you need it the most

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • CPD - Impact of anxious attachment

  • CPD - Dealing With Trauma & Phobias Using NLP

  • CPD - TA and Positive Psychology        

  • CPD - The Psyche, the Soul and Society 

  • CPD- Transpersonal Faculty Event   

Diploma in therapeutic counselling – (integrated)

Certificate in therapeutic counselling

National Directory for Counsellors member

British association of counselling and Psychotherapy member (MBACP)

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